We all hope you are staying healthy and indoors during this difficult time. We can’t wait to see all of you as soon as possible.

Regarding your online/appointment deposits. We have no access to our POS system so are unable to do refunds unless we are at the salon with you on the phone. The deposit system doesn’t refund the deposit if you cancel your appointment via online. All deposits remain under your name for your future use.

A few clients have started to dispute the deposit charges with their credit card companies. I ask that you don’t resolve it in this way. The bank charges us $25+ for each dispute and your deposit will still be in our system to manually deal with. We are already dealing with zero income, no relief from our landlord and a staff who cannot work.

I know it is frustrating not to get your hair done during the word wide pandemic. Know that we would rather be working and attending to your beauty needs.

We have had a few questions about at home color kits. We, as a team, have decided this is not a good idea. Our insurance doesn’t cover home hair color and home applications can make the salon color process harder to fix. I urge you to let your hair color go at this time and focus on family, gardening, art, writing…. Try hats scarves, clips or anything else that may hide regrowth. We are all in the same situation as you.

You may purchase your Aveda Products via our website and we still get a small commission from Aveda.

We are waiting to hear news about when we can reopen. The original shelter in place order from the county stated April 7. The governors order has no end date as of yet. Hopefully we will know more this week.
Be well and we will see you all soon,


Charlene Stratton, owner

AYA Salon, Berkeley

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