Currently Showing… Shanna Bruschi

Currently Showing… Shanna Bruschi


Shanna Bruschi is a Bay Area artist, having drawn and painted her whole life on her own, and bringing her backround as an art-director/ graphic designer to her current work.  She lived in Italy for many  years, studying art in Rome, and then in Siena, where despite working as a translator, spent her free time absorbing the beauty and art surrpounding her (informing much of her work still today).  Shanna lives North of the Golden Gate bridge with her Roman husband, a chef and restaurateur, and her two daughters. Shanna is also a marathon-runner, and can often be found on Mount Tam’s trails, where she derives so much of her daily inspiration.


ShBr-Block_and_Tackle  ShBr-A_Precarious_Balancing_Act   ShBr-butterfly

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