The Landscapes of Sebastian Hyde

The Landscapes of Sebastian Hyde

We’re presenting a fabulous series of recent landscapes by Sebastian Hyde.


Hyde is primarily a figurative painter whose main interest is in painting the human body, subsequently when he paints the landscape he tends to focus on forms in the landscape that suggest the sensuality of the body. His Landscapes are painted in Plein Air, usually in one sitting. These paintings are the result of a concentrated effort to paint every week, at mostly the same reoccurring spots. Sebastian takes his inspiration from the great European and American Impressionist and post-Impressionist painters who also painted outside. Specifically he finds great inspiration in the work of groups like the Society of Six (Oakland) and the Group of Seven (Canada). His paintings reveal a love of exploring the landscape and an embrace of the struggle to represent nature in a way that is visually exciting and emotionally stirring.


sehy-04 sehy-02


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