Andrew Macrae – Paintings

Andrew Macrae "Captive Wisper"

Andrew Macrae – Paintings

Andrew Macrae "Bound By Ecstasy"

Andrew Macrae “Bound By Ecstasy”

We are pleased to bring you the paintings and drawings of Andrew Macrae!  Macrae spends much of his time as a guide in the Yosemite back country.  His paintings suggest a metaphysical view of nature as he contemplates the boundaries of human expansion into the natural world.  The result is a body of work that has a surrealist quality.  Nature is often depicted as fierce and at other times, exploded or upended as it deals with our advancing civilization.

Andrew Macrae "Morpho Aflame"

Andrew Macrae “Morpho Aflame”

Andrew Macrae’s Statement:

‘Man is an animal, which, alone among the animals, refuses to be satisfied by the fulfillment of animal desires.‘ -Alexander G Bell

I am interested in working through an image whilst in the process of painting on a surface.  The first objects of the image are scenes from nature: trees, mountains and animals.  The scene slowly fills with solid shapes and perfect lines; objects of human conception.  I am showing the act of contemplation as man slowly imparts his development over and around the established nature.  What remains in the end is an image exhibiting tension between man and nature, a scene wherethe two are wrapped up in a chaotic commotion.

I use a broad array of mediums to create a painting, but I prefer watercolor and gouache on paper.  In my paintings, watercolor is used to create faded landscapes, while gouache is used as the foreground medium, so I can push line and color.  When combined, my images become vibrant displays of graphic subjects existing in a dream state.

Andrew Macrae "Contemplation Of The Soul"

Andrew Macrae “Contemplation Of The Soul”

Andrew Macrae "Dishonesty In The Moral Landscape"

Andrew Macrae “Dishonesty In The Moral Landscape”

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