Japan: A Self Elucidation. Recent works by Claire Kowalewski

Japan: A Self Elucidation. Recent works by Claire Kowalewski

Our Petaluma salon is please to present recent works by Claire Kowalewski. After a great showing in Berkeley, Kowalewski’s art is now showing in our Petaluma salon gallery.  Our Sonoma county guests should take a tour through to see this wonderful show.

Claire Kowalewski is a Fine Artist born and raised in the Bay Area. She Attended the Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Fine Arts for high school and was awarded a full scholarship and coordinated Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania and America’s first art school, The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. She currently shows her work at the Williams McCall Gallery in the Art’s district of Miami Beach Florida.

The majority of the exhibited work was completed in Japan during an artist’s residency with an organization called Moriumius. Moriumius is located on the east coast near a town called Ishinomaki which is still recovering from the 3/11 earthquake and tsunami and resulting extreme depopulation. The concept of Moriumius was born from the people’s desire to repurpose the area’s public elementary school. Today, the program is primarily a nature education children’s summer school, as well as a community hub and executive retreat destination giving visitors a chance to interact with the area’s serene forests and ocean centric economy.

Claire’s work was created in Moriumius’s traditional Japanese style gymnasium. Her paintings are in response to the experience living and working in seclusion reflecting on Japanese metropolitan life, childhood, and social and cultural definitions of importance.



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